• CHORUS DIRECTORS can identify "guys with an ear" -- men with a heightened awareness of balance and tuning.

  • CHORUS DIRECTORS will have greater flexibility when switching a man from one section of the chorus to another. The regular woodshedder, with his enhanced knowledge of what his new voice-part requires, is more likely to "hit the ground running" and be better sooner in his new role.

  • CHORUS DIRECTORS and CHAPTER OFFICERS will find that woodshedders will be those chapter members who have higher general interest in what Barbershopping has to offer.

  • CHORUS DIRECTORS and CHAPTER OFFICERS can readily identify a fired-up "mover and shaker" in the chapter -- a promoter of an activity.

  • QUARTET PERFORMERS can switch voice-parts with more ease and become comfortable in their new voice-part sooner.

  • NEWER BARBERSHOPPERS will have the chance to "make musical mistakes" without formal correction or censure.

  • NEWER BARBERSHOPPERS who are exposed to authentic woodshedding may become more motivated to form or join a quartet sooner than otherwise.

  • NEWER BARBERSHOPPERS will believe that "woodshedding is something I can learn and do." This early confidence will carry over into other learning, other singing, and other areas of general involvement. Since woodshedding is properly done at softer volumes, those without powerful voices can participate as readily as men who are more vocally robust.  ALL SINGERS get the regular chance to sing and hear melodies and lyrics beyond the average repertoire.

  • ALL SINGERS get the regular chance to sing their own voice part as well as other voice-parts, and to hear how they work.

  • ALL SINGERS gain the fulfillment of having created "an arrangement of their own" -- totally by ear.

  • ALL SINGERS gain exposure to forming harmony "by instinct" vs. "singing it off paper." Using their harmonic intuition will help them grow through experimentation.

  • ALL SINGERS get the opportunity to ring chords, and to work on chords until they do ring. Members who understand that "ringing chords" prefaces "the singing of songs" will rehearse more diligently for public performances.

  • ALL SINGERS will possess the capability to harmonize with a wider circle of men at Barbershop conventions without limitation to "Polecat" repertoire or recorded quartet-champ arrangements.

  • ALL MEMBERS, within the AHSOW environment, will have the chance to sing with (and learn from) some genuine Society experts who grew up woodshedding -- and who know dozens of beautiful, highly appealing melodies.

  • ALL SINGERS will experience the eye-opening, magical thrill of landing on alternate chord-harmonies that work equally as well as those harmonies normally implied or "expected."

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